Brother printer on dark background. Brother printer on a table beside a staircase. Brother printer on a cabinet with 2 stacks of paper.
Brother printer series on dark background.

Since 2011 we created over 100 product videos and more than 1000 images for print showcasing the benefits and unique features of each model.

Composite of live footage of a person interacting with a CG printer. Brother printer A3 paper size. Brother printer in an office on bright sunny day. Brother printer outline being formed. pieces of a Brother printer flying apart in an exploded view.

Region specific content

Each video we delivered had the option to be easily regionalized for different languages and specific content.

Brother printer series in an office regionalized for japan. Brother printer in a large corporate office. Brother printer on a cabinet in a home office regionalized for japan.

Product images for print

Brother needed high resolution images for product packaging before production began. With no models available for photography we rendered completely photorealistic CG images of each product.

Brother printer close-up product image. Brother printer product image of the paper tray. Brother printer product image from a high angle. Brother printer front product image. Brother printer product image of the multi-purpose tray.